GO Dev. team has yet to update GO Contacts EX to allow themes to work Jellybean devices. Because of this, we are now providing theme fixes here on our website. Follow the steps below to fix the GO Contacts theme.

1. Click on the GO Contacts theme below that you need a fix for.

2. When brought to the download page just enter the password that was listed in the app in the Jellybean Fix section.

3. You may have to request the desktop version of the site as the mobile view doesn’t always show the download button (this can be done in your mobile browsers menu).

4. After downloading the app, select it from your downloads folder to install it (don’t open after installing).

5. The theme will then be fixed and will apply in GO Contacts EX.

Complete Zebra Themes

Pink Zebra

Girly Zebra

Purple Zebra

Teal Zebra

Blue Zebra

Red Zebra

Complete Cheetah Themes

Pink Cheetah

Cheetah Pink

Cheetah Purple

Purple Cheetah