Our most popular  icon packs are updated weekly with 20 new icons and fixes. The next most popular 25 icon packs will be updated monthly with a total of 80 new icons to each icon pack. All other icon packs will be updated quarterly with 100+ new icons. Below is the list of when specific icon packs will be updated.

We will be updating this page by listing the date updated for each of the 3 time periods of updates. You can update any icon pack that you have purchased from our site by re-downloading the icon pack from the My Account page and then re-installing on your device.

WEEKLY UPDATES (Updated 12/13/13)

1. Viper

2. Stealth

3. Vivid

4. Vivid v2

5. Black and Red

6. Black and Blue

7. Platinum

8. Colorful Metal v2

9. Chrome

10. Vintage

11. Axis



1. 3D Black

2. Dark Metal Red

3. Dark Metal Blue

4. Black

5. Metal

6. Gold

7. Wood

8. Colorful Metal

9. Platinum ICS

10. Pop Jellybean

11. Minimal White

12. Gold Chrome

13. Steampunk

14. Sketch

15. White

16. Leather

17. Future Blue

18. Black and ICS

19. Black and Green (Updated 12/10/13)

20. Black and Orange (Updated 12/11/13)

21. Black and Cyan (Updated 12/11/13)

22. Black and Pink (Updated 12/10/13)

23. Black and Purple (Updated 12/11/13)

24. 3D Black and Red

25. Midnight


QUARTERLY (In Process..)

All other Icon Packs